No Excuses

Dec 24, 2016

Kyle Maynard is THE MAN. This warriors incredible leadership, inspiration and education in my life, has been instrumental in my journey, and was absolutely vital to writing Firebreather Fitness. It’s amazing how God can fashion everything together in a pattern for good. I first met Kyle several years ago during a lecture we gave at the Wounded Warrior Summit in Texas. Listening to Kyle speak that day was life changing, and many of the lessons he instructed have become part of my daily practice and ministry. Kyle and I had an opportunity to share the stage during the 2016 Unbeatable Mind Retreat this past December 2 & 3, in Carlsbad, CA. Through the vision and leadership of Mark Divine, Kyle and I once again complimented each other on stage as we taught concepts of leadership, personal belief and Kyle’s timely message of, “No Excuses.” I am extremely grateful for this man, and excited to share with the world through my book Firebreather Fitness the profound impact Kyle has had on me over the years. ~ Greg Amundson 


Kyle Maynard and Greg Amundson – 2016 Unbeatable Mind Retreat


Check out Kyle’s book “No Excuses” – it’s absolutely a MUST READ for all Firebreathers!