Firebreather Fitness WOD: 20170412

Apr 12, 2017

Today’s original WOD from CrossFit’s Original Firebreather, Greg Amundson.

Hang from pull-up bar and slowly raise knees to elbows and lower again slowly to hang, 5 reps
Clean and Jerk 15 reps
Same knee raise 10 reps
Clean and Jerk 10 reps
Knee raise 15 reps
Clean and Jerk 5 reps
Knee raise 20 reps


  1. Move slowly on the knee raises. No throwing, swinging, lurching, or lunging. The benefit here is tied to the deliberateness of your efforts.
  2. It may take more than one set to complete the required number of reps for each knee raise set if done correctly. That’s okay.
  3. Max load for C&J at each set.

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